Tuesday, December 28, 2010


I've dabbled in sprint triathlons for years, unsure now of why I chose this particular form of self-torture.  Along the way I've met many people, encountered hundreds of philosophies, and accepted more than a few challenges.  In recent years I have been haphazardly plotting a course to complete a full ironman (IM) by the age of 50.  Then I get a phone call from my aunt who throws down the gauntlet, "Let's do the Arizona triathlon next year!"  I tried to weasel out by using rationalization but all she heard was excuses, "If you never commit, then you'll never do it."

Registration is complete and we're both committed for Arizona 2011.  Now the fun starts!  So far, I've prayed about this decision (and my sanity) many times, teamed up with Tri4Him members, hired coach Boo, and began my first week of training.  I can't back out now.  Besides, there's no refund.  Good thing too because it's a long 11 months and I'll need my Lord, my friends, and my family to hold me to my word.  Just one of the many parallels of triathlons and faith!