Monday, February 21, 2011

Stay Humble

In my training, every 4 weeks is a scheduled time trial (TT) week.  Just finished my third TT for this training phase.  The first one set the standard by which my training days would be based.  The second was disappointing because I didn't improve my times at all.  In fact, I regressed some.  My coach asked how meticulously I stuck to the plan.  He wanted to know exactly how many workout sessions I had missed.  After confessing, he showed me the direct link between those days and my times.

During this last month, I don't think I missed more than one key workout per discipline and when I completed my TT's this week, there was significant improvement.  I was ecstatic!  By the way, my coach keeps increasing the dosage, except for the swim, and the level of pain increases right along with it but I have verifiable proof that it's working, so I'm not complaining.  As for the swim, all I have been doing is form drills, which alone has increased my time more than 40 seconds.

Not gonna lie; pride has a sneaky way of creeping into my mindset.  I have to be careful not to get too full of myself, so I keep repeating a simple phrase each day, "Stay humble."  As well, I keep surrounding myself with others who are better than me, which does wonders at solidifying that phrase.  It's a delicate balance to be proud without being prideful.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

New Level Of Pain

Today hurt!  The training plan called for something I've never done on the bike.  My coach wanted me to keep my heart rate at close to red-line for 5 minutes, followed by another 5 minutes at about 10-15 beats slower.  Then he graciously gave me 2 minutes of recovery before I had to do it again and then a third time.  I'm afraid to even ask what's in store for future workouts.  Up to now I just thought some of the workouts were hard.  Now I understand why clients sometimes yell at their coaches!

There was a lot of self-doubt during this workout, especially watching how slowly seconds actually tick away.  I did notice that the 5 minute follow-up was easier.  During earlier workouts, I had thought that heart rate was really difficult to maintain.  Now, and after almost passing out, I realize that once you push to a new level, the old levels are manageable.  I am hoping that was my coach's intent, instead of him getting some sort of sick pleasure at my suffering.

I feel good today.  Accomplished.  But I'm not ready to say "Thank you" to my coach just yet.