Thursday, January 20, 2011

Do The Right Thing

See, I told you.  It's been "one of those weeks" around here; or as my grandmother would say, "Life is what happens when you make other plans."  I had planned on a full week of workouts but nooooo, life got in the way. Then my wife has to add her own commentary, "You did the right thing."

Training takes sacrifice but not all sacrifice is training.  Squeezing in would have caused me to push aside, so that's when I had to draw the line.  My wife then noticed my perfectionism agitation starting to rise, so she calmly stepped in with her words.  She was right; certain things take precedence over others and it's never worth it to sacrifice the best for the better.  Will my training suffer?  Maybe physically but then again, my physical is a means to an end - to train my spirit to be more and more like Christ.  Doing the right thing will always improve my spiritual side.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011


Finished my first week of training.  Only 47 more to go!  What has the first week taught me?  Stick to the plan.  Previously I just gutted out certain times or miles but this go-around I have been instructed by my coach to adhere to specific paces or heart rate zones in the plan.  Some are very fast and some are extremely slow.  Apparently there is a science to ironman training.  Thankfully I don't have to be the scientist.  All I have to do is follow my individualized plan given to me from the one who is in the know.  After only one week I haven't yet experienced the temptation to cheat and divert from the plan, even a little; but I'm sure it's coming.  If I can go faster or slower, why shouldn't I?  Or if I don't feel like getting out of bed, why not skip it?

Because I trust my coach.  He knows what's best for me.  I certainly have the freedom to do what I want, when I want but choosing my own path hasn't proven very beneficial in the past.  That's why I am so grateful to God for His plan.  His will directs my daily steps, with good reason.  Obviously I have been in my walk with Him long enough to cheat, divert, manipulate, skip, and otherwise think I know better.  It's when I start trusting in myself that things go south; but when I stick to His plan, even when I don't understand it, my entire destiny is transformed.

I am doing this ironman for two reasons.  First, to bring glory to God in this body He gave me and second, to learn the finer art of humility through trust.  I am sure the Lord has many lessons for me in the coming weeks.  Whatever His plan is, I'm sticking to it.