Wednesday, August 31, 2011


Well, the month of August was a slightly better month.  I probably need to be updating this blog thing more often.  Spent some major bucks at Koala Chiropractic after a wakeboarding wipeout.  Before strapping on the board, the $600+ nonrefundable IM entry fee flashed before my eyes and common sense took a back seat.  After 3 weeks of therapy, x-rays, e-stem, massage, and ice, it turns out to be a strained, possibly torn tendon.  

Rest was the prescription but once again, I didn’t listen.  At least I did my runs on a treadmill or track for softer pounding.  Had to get new shoes too because my plantar fasciitis was acting up.  I’m only training around 10 hours a week but that doesn’t account for all the hours of stretching, icing, weight workouts, and foam rolling.  It’s crazy!  My warm-ups and cool-downs seem to take forever!

Add to all of that my learning curve and this is a full-time job.  My nutrition on and off workouts have been defined and redefined again and again; constant practice.  I completed an Olympic distance this past weekend and was 15 minutes slower than my last race.  Normally I would be discouraged about it but I’m focused on Arizona; everything else is practice.  Plus, it was brutally hot!  So, there is my lesson for the month; keep your eyes on the goal and work through all the distractions.  However, as of today, I don’t think I’m gonna sign up for another race anytime soon.

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  1. ha ha!! well I am glad to hear you are focusing on the big goal now! I did not even know you have been updating your blog at all so this is a nice surprise! hang in there, not long now...